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Fun with Chess should appeal to kids and other Chess beginners !! Get iPad App Review by TUAW:

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inventVALLEY Releases “Fun With Chess” Game

by Mel Martin (editor TUAW)                                           Jun 7th 2013 at 12:00PM

Fun with Chess is an iOS app that is a nice match for kids wanting to learn how to play one of the world's greatest games. It is not a typical chess experience, because it adds in factors of luck which limits your piece's moves with a roll of the dice.

The game keeps score, so you can play another person and decide a winner at any time. You can play the computer, another person face-to-face or remotely. There is a built-in chess tutorial, and a linked video with more information.

To make Fun with Chess more appealing to beginners, games are limited to six pieces and six applicable rules. I suppose one could complain that this is a chess variant, rather than a standard game, but I think it is less intimidating to someone just starting out, and a good way to learn the rules.

I played the game against the computer a few times, and while it is not playing at grand master level, it gave me a pretty good run. I did not try remote play.

Fun with Chess is free for a limited time, so grab it if you are interested before that changes. There are separate iPhone and iPad versions. I tested the iPad app.

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Downloaded in 45 counntries in 3 days!